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Coached by:


Frank  Rosin



Abraxas - Fresh Fish and more

Fish and Seafood

King Prawns on Lemon Foam,

Canary Wreck Fish, à la Gomera,

Tuna with canary pesto, ...

Vegan and Vegetarian

Vegetarian Volcano "Gara and Jonay",

Fried Zucchini,

Vegetarian Curry with Mango, ...

Refined Meat Dishes

Lamb Sirloin (our guests Favorite),

Pork Loin in green Pepper Sauce,

Chicken Breast in Mango Sauce, ...

New Canarian Kitchen, coached by the famous two-star Chef Frank Rosin.We serve fresh fish, vegetarian specialities and refined meat dishes.

Our Mission

With refined dishes, familiarly atmosphere and friendly service, we like to present you a


in our Restaurant ABRAXAS.


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