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Can it get any better? 

Fillet of lamb in rosemary sauce

Tender lamb fillet in dark red wine sauce with fresh rosemary and black pepper.

Spicy Island-Chicken

Chicken stew in a spicy sauce made of coconut milk, mango and green curry with fresh julienne veggies with ginger on a wild rice mixture.


Meat Dishes


Chicken Breast à la Banana
Chicken breast in a sauce from banana with fresh vegetables and canary full potatoes)


Devils Chicken (very hot)
Chicken breast in a sauce from chili pepper with tomato, fresh vegetables and canary full potatoes


Hot Island-Chicken
Chicken breast in a sauce from coconut milk and green curry, mango, fresh vegetables, and wild rice


Entrecote "Café de Paris" (ca. 240 gram)
Fresh tender Entrecote, medium fried with „Beurre Café de Paris“, salad and steakhouse fries


Lamb Sirloin ABRAXAS
Medium rare lamb sirloin, pan fried in garlic butter, with red wine / rosemary sauce, potatoes and salad


Kids Plate with Chicken
Chicken-Nuggets with salad and potato chips


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