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Vegetarian and Vegan - the secret lies in the ingredients

Our vegetarian dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients à la minute.

As we only use vegetables farmed in local cultivations, our compositions are adjusted depending on the seasons.

Especially popular are the "Vegetable Volcano ABRAXAS" and our Fried Goat Cheese with caramelized mango, also highly recommended for non-vegetarians.

From an excellent organic tofu we prepare an aromatic specialty to satisfy even meat lovers.

Enjoy your meal!

Vegetarian und Vegan


Pasta Linguine (vegan)
with spinach and cherry tomato


Mild Curry with Banana (vegan)
Vegetarian curry from fresh vegetables with banana in a coconut sauce, rice


Hot Curry with Mango (vegan)
Very hot vegetarian curry from fresh vegetables with mango in a coconut sauce, rice


Vegetarian Volcano "Gara and Jonay"
Selected vegetables with spicy sauce in a clay pot, with fresh fruits and rice, mojo and grilled cheese


Tripple from Gomera Goat Cheese
Assorted goat cheeses with tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and canary full potatoes


Tofu-filled Zucchini (vegan)
Grilled Zucchini, tufu filled, with humus and salad


Vegan Plate for Children
Fresh vegetables in coconut sauce, with rice


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